3D Scanning Services from SculptCAD

3D Scanning example3D Scanning is Time Compression technology that can be a huge value proposition in many industries and applications.

SculptCAD provides 3D scanning services to customers when they inquire about needing a digital file representing a physical object.

You may need it for Physical Object Digital Backup, Reverse Engineering, or CAD Modeling. 3D Scan is a first step before the data is imported into CAD software for further editing of digital model.

Also, once you have a digital file of your object, you may order 3D Printing from SculptCAD or print it on your own 3D printer.

What are the steps you need to make to get 3D Scanning done?

SculptCAD arranges a meeting or product drop-off on-location (50 mile radius from our office) or at the SculptCAD office.

Then, our application engineers proceed in scanning the object with a stationary or handheld “CMM and a photogrammetry system” depending on the size of the object.

A 3D scanning alone is often insufficient for effective digital backup, reverse engineering, or further augmentation of a virtual physical object that we also provide for our customers.

The scan needs to be surfaced and cleaned, essentially solidifying the 3D scan into a digital 3D model.

Once SculptCAD completes the 3D scanning service, the customer is contacted and sent the files via email. Further services such as 3D printing are available upon request.

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Applications for 3D Scanning

3d scan girlsWith 3D scans, a company or individual can digitally archive existing legacy parts, acquire 3D data for rapid prototyping, scan models for further processing of CAD data, and undergo more thorough inspection processes.
In lieu of plaster casts, artists and archeologists can scan perfect images of art and historical objects, perfectly preserving the fine details as they are at that moment in time.

SculptCAD also provides confirmation and qualification services: we can help improve parts or components by assessing their failure or breakage and generating new designs.