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December 2, 2014
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WDM Materials

3D print detailed, clean-burning casting wax-ups

WDM (wax deposition modeling) 3D printing technology uses non-toxic, wax-like materials to create amazingly precise investment-casting wax-ups that burn away cleanly without shrinking, expanding or cracking. They leave no ash or residue and present no biohazard or disposal concerns.



TrueCast is specially formulated to function like wax and fit seamlessly into your existing investment-casting process, even in demanding dental applications. This firm but flexible material lets you 3D print any dental wax-up with extreme accuracy. It’s 100 percent castable for any alloy. TrueCast comes in two forms, optomized for each of the two WDM dental printers:


  • CrownWorx TrueCast creates wax-ups for accurate, detailed crowns and bridges


  • FrameWorx TrueCast produces wax-ups for partial dentures with superior dimensional stability and fit




Automatically deposited where necessary to support overhangs and fine features during 3D printing. TrueSupport enables accurate 3D printing of even the most delicate restorations. It melts away easily at a relatively low temperature to reveal a smooth wax-up ready for immediate casting. Each version is optomized for one of the WDM 3D dental printers:


  • CrownWorx TrueSupport is for crowns and bridges


  • FrameWorx TrueSupport is for partial frameworks