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February 24, 2015
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February 24, 2015
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Convert 3D Scans to Print-ready Meshes & NURBS Surface Models with just a few clicks in Geomagic XOS.

  1. Best-in-class point cloud & mesh editing
  2. Accurate alignment and merging technology for multi-shot scans
  3. Intelligent hole-filling, smoothing and mesh optimization tools
  4. One button automatic NURBS surfacing
  5. Compatible with any 3D scanner
  6. Easy Data Capture

xos overview Geomagic XOS works with data from all leading 3D scanners, via LiveScan™ or native file import. LiveScan offers real-time data capture from many 3D scanners directly into XOS, allowing you to immediately start processing data. Capturing and processing data in an integrated environment saves time and improves quality. Geomagic XOS can also open more native 3D scanner file formats than any other software, and recognizes additional information specific to each 3D scanner.

Accurate Alignment and Merging

The Mesh Buildup Wizard™ converts raw 3D scan shots into complete mesh models in five simple steps. Start by choosing the scan type, remove unwanted data, pre-align multiple scan shots, best fit for all scans together and merge them into a single mesh. The wizard guides you through each step, so it’s easy to get great results every time.

Complete Mesh Optimization

Geomagic XOS has a comprehensive set of tools to heal and optimize any mesh. Years of testing and refinement have lead to algorithms that create beautiful, high-quality meshes that are ready for 3D printing and other applications.

  1. Mesh Healing Wizard finds and repairs defects automatically
  2. Curvature intelligent hole filling recreates missing data to create watertight meshes
  3. Global re-meshing improves mesh topology
  4. Decimation reduces data size while maintaining fidelity
  5. One button enhancement works like magic to smooth out a roughness while sharpening details
  6. Automatic Mesh to NURBS Surface Conversion

Geomagic XOS has powerful Auto Surfacing functionality, so you can convert a polygon mesh into a lightweight surface model for use in any NURBS software. Geomagic’s advanced patch layout technology lets you choose between two different types of surface models: feature-following or uniform patch layout. Feature-following surface models create fewer NURBS patches for objects with well-defined features. Uniform layout models create more NURBS patches and capture complex detail with ease. The result is CAD-like surfaces that balance accuracy with smoothness.