Fortus 250mc
December 2, 2014
VX Model and VXremote Software Modules
December 2, 2014
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Engineers and Industrial Designers:

  • First 3D system on the market that any engineer or industrial designer can use
  • Fastest 3D Direct Modeler for concept modeling ever developed
  • Clear concept communication and 3D markup
  • Works with data from anywhere (such as 2D, 3D, photos, sketches, and scan data)
  • Best tool for CAE model creation, preparation, and optimization

Managers and IT Staff

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) and remarkably fast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Dramatic Improvement in time-to-CAD
  • Removes expensive iterations and design delays
  • 3D interaction with customers wins more business
  • 3D interaction with suppliers lowers components costs
  • Saves maintenance costs
  • Underserved CAD users switch to SpaceClaim, saving money
  • Prevents casual users from damaging expensive CAD data


  • Low TOC and fast ROI

  • Imports and edits any CAD data

  • Cleans and simplifies any data from any CAD system
  • 3D Direct Modeling is better for Computer  Aided Manufacturing (CAM), such as creating fixtures in hours instead of days
  • Fix problems whereever you find them. easily communicating suggestions to the customer