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December 2, 2014
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December 2, 2014
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Do you need simplified, quick, affordable and reliable 3D scanning? The Go!SCAN 3D scanner was designed with you in mind. This very efficient system can be used by anyone. It requires no prior experience and provides visual guidance as you are scanning through real-time visualization and ongoing positioning assistance.

Its innovative LED technology bypasses preparation steps and specific set-ups, provides a large scanning area as well as a very fast measurement rate, and does not require manual data post-processing. All of this results in the shortest 3D scanning experience available on the market from start to finish.


go-scanThe Go!SCAN 20 provides maximum resolution and is specifically designed for smaller objects with elaborate detail, making it the ideal companian for 3D printers. The Go!SCAN 3D scanners offer high scanning speeds, an accuracy up to 0.1 mm and a resolution of up to 0.2 mm. They now also offer a texture option: users can easily capture high quality geometries and colors simultaneously. The Go!SCAN scanners are particularly suitable for product development, research, CAD design and 3D printing, museology, conservation, digital archiving and multimedia applications.