Additional ANSYS™ SpaceClaim 2015

ANSYS™ SpaceClaim 2015 makes working with geometry even better, allowing you to create, edit and repair 3D models without worrying about the technology. We've addressed customer concerns, emerging technologies, and rapidly growing trends while honing our core features that distinguish SpaceClaim from other 3D modeling solutions.

Spaceclaim is the fastest solid modeler available, letting you process ideas more quickly and interact directly with your customers. SpaceClaim empowers engineers and industrial designers to be more creative and bring products to market faster.

Throughout the lean product development cycle, SpaceClaim makes it possible for engineers to easily explore their ideas and solve problems in 3D, reuse and quickly edit concept models from any CAD system, and simplify models for analysis in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional CAD. Customers are also using SpaceClaim to bid on new projects to improve their win rates by communicating with prospects and customers in 3D.

Newest Performance Advantages with 2015:

Simulation - Faster time to analysis

  • Tool upgrades and feature enhancements for smoother simulation prep
  • Improved integrations with ANSYS™ Workbench
  • New geometry error detection and cleanup tools

Manufacturing - Reduce machine shop downtime

  • Added tool path tools for increased efficiency
  • Increased advancements to sheet-metal modeling
  • Additional prep tools to simplify modeling for machining

3D Printing/Faceted Model Editing - Speed up time to print

  • New editing capabilities, including Pull and Move
  • New cleanup and print prep tools
  • New print analysis tools
  • Additional improvements and advances to STL Prep module

Design/UI Advances - Increase design productivity

  • Tool upgrades to enhance modeling experience - more innovation and product development
  • Custom shortcuts to personalize SpaceClaim to you
  • Reverse engineering improvements for meshes
Looking for more information regarding ANSYS™ SpaceClaim 2015? View our Fact Sheet for an in-depth look at the new features and functionality.