Bring your scan to life with 3D Printing.

Computer CT Upload:

Step 1: Insert CD

Step 2: Locate and right-click "DICOM" folder and save as .ZIP file.

    Here's how:
  • Save DICOM as a .ZIP folder. (DICOM may also be titled "Images")
    Windows: Right Click folder > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder > Agree to place on Desktop
    Mac: Right Click folder > Compress "[Folder Name]" > Agree to place on Desktop

Step 3: Once DICOM folder is in .ZIP format, choose it in the file uploader.

Upload CT
Note: upload may take up to 10 minutes depending on your internet speed.

3D Print CT MRI 3DMyCT AccuModel Medical MedCAD SculptCAD Texas3D Print CT MRI 3DMyCT AccuModel Medical MedCAD SculptCAD Dallas Texas

3D Print your CT or MRI medical data on at SculptCAD

3D models turn 2D CT scan data into a physical representation of patient anatomy with the ability to to contrast clinically relevant radiological data using different materials. Anatomical models are useful for reference in surgical planning in stunning detail.

3DMyCT are made-to-order custom UV photopolymer acrylate models printed in 28 micron resolution. Models can range from miniature to full-size depending on order, with white, clear, and mixed material options.

Multi-color materials allow for 80+ color variations highlighting patient-specific anatomical regions of interest. The models are fully UV cured, maintaining high definition shape and consistent color over time.

3D visualization of an individual’s anatomy prior to surgery can contribute to increased patient education, understanding, and confidence. Review a model for advanced surgery preparation. Less risk, better outcome, and more informed surgical teams translate into saved OR time.

28 micron layers highlight features of high definition patient anatomy in a visual, tactile way. MedCAD biomedical engineers replicate patient data by using precision 3D printing technology.

Computerized tomography (CT) data is readily accessible from your primary care physician if you’ve had CT (or CAT) scans in the past. In this case, all you need to do is request a digital copy and send it our way.

It’s easy:
– request digital ct data (dicom)
– upload ct data to sculptcad.com/3dmyct/ (Dallas-based 3d printing and rapid manufacturing company)
– receive email from sculptcad confirming order.
– receive 3d model in mail

AccuModel® Patient-Specific Anatomical Models provide vivid, tactile 3D representations of patient anatomy, highlighting multiple internal and external structures differentiated by a variety of colored materials. Physical 3D models easily represent patient anatomy compared to the flatness of radiological data on two-dimensional screens. Study an AccuModel days before the surgery and consider your surgical plan. Quickly bring a team up to speed about a case using 3D models or educate a patient about their upcoming procedure with better tactile understanding.

3D Print CT MRI 3DMyCT AccuModel Medical MedCAD SculptCAD Dallas Texas

3D Print CT MRI 3DMyCT AccuModel Medical MedCAD SculptCAD Texas