Geek Beat TV Visits the SculptCAD Offices

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September 10, 2014
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November 16, 2014

How do real objects (and sometimes people!) get turned into 3D models? We took a trip to SculptCAD to find out!

A recent visit from Geek Beat TV to the SculptCAD offices is documented in this YouTube video, which explains the process of 3D scanning a human head. Check out the video and the accompanying article below!

Welcome to SculptCAD!

SculptCAD is home to a huge array of awesome 3D tools. On our visit we saw 3D printers of all shapes and sizes, for an amazing number of applications. One of the things you can do with professional grade 3D printers is create larger and hollow objects that would ordinarily collapse without support. This is idea for a number of medical uses.

Scanning Our Heads

When you go to a place like SculptCAD you need to get your head scanned. I mean, why wouldn’t you? The process they use gets within 1 mm of detail accuracy, so we’re talking about capturing some pretty fine details. After the scan they go in and clean it up in software, in a similar way to how photos are processed in Photoshop. Some pieces of the scan had holes in the 3D surface, and the software, in skilled hands, can fill them in like they were never there.

Completing the Figure

Now we have heads, but we need bodies! That’s the next stage, where our heads can be put on any body. And this is also where the hair is added to the model. Additional details can be thrown in here as well.

Why Did We Do That?

So what’s the final product? Tune into our 3DPalooza live show on Wednesday at 1 PM Central for the big unveiling!